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Work ON the Business to Build the Business

Ten ways to ‘find 30’

No, this hasn’t become a health and fitness blog. This blatantly plagiarised quote is aimed at encouraging you to find 30 minutes each day to work on your business.

Every business owner knows (and often expresses) that they need to spend more time working on their business, but ‘I haven’t got time’ is the common cry. Therefore, these 10 business-building activities are created with 30-minute bites in mind.

  1. Run an inactive client list and call 5 or visit 2 of these customers to see if you can help them again.
  2. Subscribe to websites that offer information relevant to your customers’ industries. Mail relevant information to 3 customers.
  3. Meet with staff and ask 2 questions. a) What went well this past week and why did it go well?  b) What didn’t go well and how would we fix it next time?
  4. Dust of your business plan and read it! Note what is and what isn’t still relevant. Draft some changes.
  5. Read 20 pages of a business/self improvement book you’ve been meaning to read.
  6. Organise and meet with a key client to buy them a coffee.
  7. Review your expense budgets and compare to the actual expenses for the YTD and previous year.
  8. Check the accuracy and relevance of your website. Note 3 areas to update.
  9. Meet with staff and run through 1 section of your company standards. Ask staff if they feel the standards are being achieved and if not, why not.
  10. Draft a media ad for a sale/promotion that is still months away.

You could repeat these 10 activities over 2 week periods or alternatively complete the 11th activity.

11. Create 10 more ways to find 30!

Obviously, most of these building business activities would require further action after completing them, but at least you now have momentum! So go on – Find 30!

Yours in prosperity and fun

Jeff Austin
Business Coach, Bunbury WA

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