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Which Truth is The Truth – Conflict in the Workplace

WhoDunnit? The Cause of Much Conflict

To get any benefit whatsoever from this month’s article, please watch the following video clip first – otherwise this artcile will make no sense (or less sense than normal)

So before reading any further, please watch this 2 minute video – Go on. Stop reading… You’re still reading!

OK. So how many changes did you see on the first viewing? Did you come anywhere close to seeing the 21 things that changed? Initially I (like many others) saw nil!

Why is that? What does the video demonstrate? There are several key messages here that tie into some of the gaps you may be experiencing with team members / customers / suppliers

  • It’s easy to miss something you are not looking for
  • Just because you don’t see it happening , doesn’t mean it isn’t happening
  • The way you see something isn’t an exclusive viewpoint – it’s just your view point.

An example would be an argument about the colour of the detective’s coat. If you said it was grey and I said it was tan, who’d be right? Yes, both of us, but both would likely be very passionate and steadfast about our truth.

And as we’ve discussed in the past, there is frequently more than one truth. Our individual truths are based on the lens we look through. The conditioning we’ve had. Past experiences and the assimilation that creates. These points may help

  • Consider that a person’s different truth might actually be right
  • Lead with questions. Ask for other’s viewpoints
  • Understanding someone’s truth doesn’t obligate you to agree with their truth
  • Any if you find that people just don’t listen to you, could it be because you’re not listening to them!

The video reinforces the case for open-mindedness. And given that ‘differing truths’ is the catalyst for most conflict, it appears to be a case worth considering

Yours in prosperity and fun

Jeff Austin
Actual to Ideal

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