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Training Course to Learn New Skills

If at first you don’t succeed…

Tiger Woods is arguably the best golfer the world has seen – or may ever see.

He took his first golf swing at 9 months. At 3, he played 9 holes in only 48 strokes (Yes – 3!)

By age 13, he had a zero handicap

To date (at 32) he has won 87 tournaments and earned in excess of $94 million USD – just from golf.

But what does Tiger do before, during and after every tournament? He practices! The guy at the pinnacle of his profession reviews and improves what he already does best.

It probably comes as little surprise that Tiger spends so much time practicing, until we relate that back to the way we approach our own improvement in business.

Can you recall when you’ve attended a training course to learn new skills, then once back at work neglected to review or retrain? The reality is, that is precisely what many of us do. We learn it once – we attempt to put new skills into practice – the new ways are invariably difficult – we go back to doing what we always did (or close to it).

Whether it’s a new or existing idea, strategy or technique; continually review and improve what you do. Here are 3 simple steps (and 2 questions)

  1. Hold weekly or fortnightly meetings with all staff
  2. As part of the agenda, ask these 2 questions

i. What did we do well this past week & why?

ii. What could we have done better?

  1. Set an action plan (what – when – by who) and follow it up at the next meeting

Even if you don’t aspire to be the world’s best (somebody has to be second), never stop revisiting, relearning, reviewing what you do.

Consider anything you are already a master of. I expect that to achieve that mastery you had to work at it – just like Tiger did

Yours in fun and prosperity

Jeff Austin
Business Coach, Bunbury

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