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Time Management Training Story in Perth & Bunbury

Life in a Jar – A Time Management story

A well travelled Time Management story – but a good one for those who feel ‘time poor’.

A University professor stood in front of his bright students and placed a large jar on the table. He said, “This jar represents all the time you have”. He proceeded to place large rocks into the jar until they reached the brim.

Is it full?” he asked the class. An eager student in the front row enthusiastically said “yes!” The professor then took a handful of gravel and poured the small stones into the jar and they fell around the gaps between the rocks.

Now is it full?” asked the teacher. “No”, exclaimed several students who were now onto his cunning plan! The professor brought out a small bag of sand and poured it into the jar until it reached the top. “Is it full now?” he enquired. “No” said one student cautiously.

Without a word, the professor took a jug of water and poured it into the jar. The water filled the minute crevices between the sand grains. “How about now?” he asked. “Yes!” came the consensus response.

The professor questioned “What’s the moral?” One student called out. “No matter how busy you are, you can always cram more stuff in!” Another called out, “Even when your day seems full, there is always time for a drink!” (General laughter)

The wise professor said, “The large rocks represent all the important things in your life. Your health, relationships, career, business, education etcetera. The gravel, sand and water represent all the other things we fill our lives with. What would have occurred if I had filled the jar with sand and water first?” There was silence as the class absorbed the moment.

The message is; fill your life with the things that matter and those you desire – first! You will always still find time for the less important things. However, if you find that you never seem to move towards those things important goals, there’s a good chance that you are filling your life with sand gravel & water!

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Yours in prosperity and fun

Jeff Austin

Bunbury Business Coach

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