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Stop the Staff Turnover

Your staff turnover problems are not the fault of the people you hire. They are the fault of the people who do the hiring. Quite possibly, that means you! The good news – if high turnover is your fault, then you can fix it!

You don’t need me to highlight the downsides to high staff turnover – but I’m going to anyway! Frequent turnover of staff can mean…

1.        Too much time spent in new staff training mode. When you and other key people are training new people, you are naturally not doing what generates opportunity and profits.

2.        An unsettled environment for other staff. Work place harmony doesn’t occur or unravel overnight, and the harmony is created by staff ability to work well together. Frequent staff changes makes harmony creation even harder

3.        Limited chances for customers to build strong rapport and relationships with staff. We all like to buy from people we trust and like. Loyalty is difficult to build if every time a customer visits they meet someone new.

4.       The more we hire the less time we spend trying to get it right. It seems like nonsense, but it is often what we find. Managers who hire and rehire frequently become increasingly disenchanted with the whole hiring process and hire with decreasing care – thereby compounding the problem.

The challenges caused by poor recruiting and retaining are many and varied. And if anyone tells you that hiring and keeping great people is dead easy, then be highly sceptical. However, attracting, finding and retaining the right people onto your bus and getting the wrong ones off is absolutely achievable – without the need for fulltime HR mangers or extreme levels of unemployment. In fact, the unemployment rate matters little.

Getting the right staff on your bus (and the wrong ones off) needs to begin with a thorough and documented recruitment process that is followed every time you need to replace or add new staff. If you feel that it is not worth this much effort just to hire someone, then I can assume one of 3 things…

  1. Your current hiring practices are working – so don’t change them!
  2. You haven’t had or are not involved in dealing with any bad experiences as a result of poor recruiting.
  3. You enjoy spending most of you day fighting fires – mending conflict – repairing client relationships – rehiring and training (OK – perhaps not)

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Jeff Austin
Business Coach, Bunbury WA

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