“Time Management Training! Who’s got time for that!?”

Title Efficiency or Effectiveness – A Time Management Paradox

“This workshop is Time Management with a Difference!”

Got a bit goin' on?

Overview The basic Time Management premise of ‘do more in less time’ is at best flawed and at worst, a complete fallacy. Simply – if your cup is full and you try to pour more in, something will have to give. Our approach to Time Management is not about getting more done in a given time. It is about getting more of the right things done and having the clarity and then the discipline to say NO to the wrong things. Recognising the things that are truly important and then focusing on and achieving these things, will have a positively compounding affect across many facets of life

The workshop is also about using the leverage of your teams to make significant impacts on productivity, energy and morale by having structures in place to focus on team effectiveness and not individual efficiencies.

Objectives Challenge mindsets to give participants clarity on the key difference between efficiency and effectiveness and how to use this understanding to focus on what truly matters. Provide usable tools and templates that can be implemented as is or tailored to suit. Offer simple ‘triggers’ that help with the challenge of not falling back into old habits

Suited to Those who want to feel in control whilst being highly productive. Only those that are prepared to make some serious choices and changes will benefit in the long term

Duration 1 half day

The following feedback was provided by attendees from SASSAOA (South Australian State Schools Admin Officers Association …whew!) in response to 

What did you like the most about the Time Management Workshop? And Why?

  • It was all fantastic – I believe I can make some positive changes
  • Relevancy to work load
  • Relevance
  • Reassured I’m on track at work!
  • Common sense approach
  • Informative
  • Relevance to my role
  • Relevant to role
  • Relevance to work situations
  • Very useful information which can be taken back to the site and applied
  • Relevance
  • Relevant and easy to listen to
  • Informative
  • Fun
  • Inspiring
  • A different way to look at time management
  • Few more strategies to try
  • Relevant
  • The relevance and practical handouts
  • Fantastic
  • Very relevant to job role
  • Very relevant to myself, work and surroundings
  • Jeff was easy and practical
  • I could put them towards my work and my personal life
  • Could relate to topics covered
  • The topics were very current and relevant to my site and work place
  • Interactive, informative speaker who related well to our role
  • Another way to view managing time to continue to improve
  • Strategies to use


Other Time Management Feedback for Jeff Austin

Time Management Training Jeff Austin Testimonial

“Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your incredibly inspiring workshop at Meadowbrooke last week. Both my ‘I should’ and ‘I’m gunna’ glands are still in shock … but I’m beating them to a pulp with my newfound knowledge!”


Cait Gordon