Staff Turnover a Problem?

Title Essential Human Resource Management – Building a Better BusGot the right people on your bus?

Overview The most common frustration from business operators centres on the challenge of finding – developing – retaining quality people.

“Staff Turnover drives us mad! We are constantly hiring & training new staff!”

This is followed closely with the aggravation of knowing how to get the wrong people off their bus – without creating conflict. Regardless if the unemployment rate is at 10 or 2 percent – quality people are out there. At 10% they may be roaming the streets looking for work. At 2% they are most likely working for someone else. Either way, you need to give them compelling reasons to get onto your bus and possibly off someone else’s – and it does not need to rely solely on how much you are prepared to pay them

Objectives Highlight the important distinction between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators for attracting staff. Demonstrate why and how the process of great HR management starts way before you actually hire anyone, and continues right through to exiting the wrong people off your bus. Educating that finding and developing the right people is the single most important function of any business operator.

Suited to Business Owners, Managers and those that are hoping to be

Duration Half day or full day options