Sales Battle

Title Outbound Sales without the Battle

Overview Those involved in outbound sales have come to expect resistance from their prospects ranging from mild to excessive. And with the way most sales people go about their sales, it is of little wonder they get such resistance. It is the reason that the only people who excel in outbound sales are the minute percentage who are ‘wired’ to accept and not be deflated from such a high frequency of ‘No’. Anyone in your organisation with the ability to develop exceptional People Skills but not necessarily their Selling Skills can enjoy and excel in outbound sales.

Objectives Provide a fresh perspective on Out Bound Sales and dramatically reduce the fear of selling by changing the way we think about selling. Provide relevant examples, role plays and tools to assist in all areas of outbound sales ranging from database management (CRM) through to repeat and referral business after the sale.

Suited to Anyone who dislikes sales (or is at least tired of being told ‘No’ more often than ‘Yes’) but enjoys being with people. Ideal for sales leaders who are faced with apathy or fear from sales teams.

Duration Versions from 1 full to two full days