Extinct? A real happy customerTitle Customer Service – Understanding and Delivering on the Promises we make

Overview When was the last time you read or heard an ad that said ‘We offer great customer service’ and you said to yourself; ‘Wow – I’m going there!’ The term Customer Service may have lost its impact, but the delivery (or non delivery) of it still stands out and is the single biggest factor if business wants loyal customers. Delivering Great Customer Service ought to be bloody obvious – after all these are the people who hand over their hard earned money – but it appears that many businesses (owners and staff) see customers more as a distraction, than their only reason for existing!

Objectives Remind all (if necessary) who customers are and why we ought to serve them well. Consider the ‘promises’ that are being made through our brand, our campaigns, our reputation and our current customers. Then look at any gaps that may exist between what we are promising and what we are delivering. And again if necessary, highlight the problems we face if we choose to not close these gaps

Suited to Anyone who has a product or service and relies on someone else paying for it

Duration Half day or full day options