Does your training stick?Is training working for you or against you?

Have you ever …

been on, or sent your staff to a training course?

And felt that the training content / delivery / relevance was excellent (or at least good)?

Then discovered that very little (or no) lasting change or improvement took place?

A key consideration when conducting a training workshop is to put emphasis on the ‘stick-ability’ of training so that participants have the best opportunity for a return on their time and dollars. To achieve this, our approach to training follows these guidelines / principles

  • We Lead with Questions – Not with answers. Before commencing any session we have participants consider what they ought to Start – Stop – Keep doing with regards to the training topic. Their responses help form aspects of the content
  • For there to be commitment, there needs to be involvement. Participant’s involvement and interaction is highly encouraged. It also reduces the likelihood of them growing tired of my voice!
  • Competency should be supported by Structure. For many of the sessions we host, participants are asked to capture the bits they want to implement back at work, by documenting draft standards during the session itself. Tips on using the standards as a training lever are provided.
  • Have fun learning! If the session isn’t engaging, empowering, enjoyable and dotted with ‘laugh out loud’ moments, why would anyone want to attend?
  • Old habits die hard and change is often met with resistance. A genuine offer of post training phone support is given to all participants as assistance in overcoming the inevitable barriers of trying new things in new ways. This is offered at no additional cost to you.

Further to these, we do not offer ‘open’ training courses. We are a single business focused trainer. When you want training for your team, you get the content, the timing and the key objectives aligned with the specific needs of your business. Having a training course exclusively for your business may cost you more initially, however a cheap generic training session that does not give you results is anything but cheap!

We promise (see our written guarantee) to provide you with a training package that gives you the capacity for an outstanding return on your investment.

We are wholeheartedly ‘results focused.’ Our guess is – so are you!

We look forward to discussing your training needs with you in more detail soon.

Quality Training in Bunbury,  Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, Darwin and all regional centres