Getting your message across?Title Branding and Advertising – The Essential Essentials

Overview I know that half of my advertising is working – I just wish I knew which half. Rarely does a business cliché apply to so many. A surprising number of SMEs operate on an ad-hoc basis when it comes to their advertising – even some of those who have a marketing plan. Many small business owners have little understanding of Advertising and Branding essentials and find it difficult to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns or strategies. Compounding the challenge are naturally bias media houses that are persuasive with the sale of their medium, but not as focused on the message or marketing principles. We present an unbiased look at the most common options.

Objectives To acknowledge that every advertising medium can be successful – and equally a failure depending on how they are used. Clarify the distinction between Branding, Advertising & Marketing. Discuss the pros and cons of each media and how to avoid common mistakes. Guidelines for measuring and holding each media accountable to success.

Suited to Those who feel that they are making donations to media houses

Duration Versions from half to 1 full day