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Sales Training Courses in Bunbury

Doctors, Lawyers & Mechanics do it – do you?

No – not billing by the hour. Do you diagnose before prescribing? Do you lead with questions, not answers? Do you try to help or sell?

The difference was highlighted recently when I received an unsolicited call from a local who was most certainly trying to sell. Firstly, as I didn’t ask for the call, a helping person would have asked if it was OK for them to tell me about their product. She didn’t. Once a helping person got the ‘ok’ to continue they would have asked a variety of open questions to learn about my current situation, my concerns, my fears, my awareness of their product etc. All the things the professionals in the title would certainly do before offering their ‘fix’. She didn’t

This seller did actually ask me some questions, but when my answers didn’t seem to match her agenda, my answers were refuted or ignored. This is a key difference of someone who has a sell mindset versus a help way of thinking. The sell person has a defined map in their head of what they want and the chances of this aligning with what a cold-called prospect wants is an outside chance at best. The help person truly wants to discover if a need exists and if they can help to fulfil it.

If you’re not convinced, consider the approach taken by most telemarketers. Are they helpers or sellers? What do you instinctively want to do the very second you recognise them as sellers?

This is why we don’t offer Sales Training courses. If you want to sell more, you and your team do not need sales skills. However you may want to hone your people skills. You know the ones. Empathy, Listening and Communication to develop mutual Rapport, Trust and Respect. Consider this truth. Your level of ‘sales’ success will be determined by the quality of your relationships.

No prizes for guessing how much I bought from my caller

Yours in prosperity and fun

Jeff Austin
Business Coach, Bunbury WA

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