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Sales Courses in Bunbury

Value is in the eye of the ticket holder

The seat is big. Almost comically big. Its electronic adjustments are as extensive as the food and drink options continuously on offer. The personal entertainment system with seemingly endless viewing choices keeps me from noticing how long I’ve been here; and the service is friendly, genuine and delivered by a team who seem to thoroughly enjoy what they do. I’m writing this in mid-flight as a business class passenger.

A clarification. I fly frequently, and until today always sat with the majority of air travellers – back in economy. I had the opportunity to experience the business class difference at no extra cost. And if I were to have paid, what an extra cost it could have been. As much as 500% extra!

What the experience has reminded me of is the difference between value and price. If you have a premium product or service that is premium priced, are you working to close the gap between the price you are asking and the value a customer will experience? Can you create a compelling or even ‘no brainer’ argument in favour of your premium pricing? Given the higher price, does it give you the margin to add additional ‘wow’ to the experience?

For example, I estimate that I will cost the airline between one and 2 hundred dollars more (I’m giving it my best shot!) That is not a bad investment on their behalf for the considerable additional revenue they would normally get, not to mention the loyalty injection.

Will it be enough for me to shell out that kind of money when I fly in future? Truthfully – probably not. However it has changed my mindset from ‘I would never pay that much to fly business class’ to one of ‘I can’t wait until I have sufficient cash to always fly business class’.

I reckon the airline might just have planned it that way!

Yours in prosperity and fun

Jeff Austin
Business Coach, Bunbury WA

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