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Better Thoughts Through Better Choices

Change your thoughts – Change your world

In the simplest form, our brain works something like this…

Stimulus (Something happens) – Thought (Which drives our thoughts) Emotion (Which compels our emotions)  Action (Which fuels our actions)

So let’s create some Stimulus. You’re driving down the freeway at 100km per hour when a guy just in front of you on the inside lane suddenly slams on his brakes and swerves across you to take an off ramp.

What thought would you have? Perhaps Stupid %$&%# Crazy %^%$#! And if that was your thought, what kind of emotion would that fuel? Anger, Stress, Rage?! And with those emotions fuelling through you, what kind of action is possible? Abuse, Retribution, Violence?!

Now: Imagine that you were driving down the freeway and you received a call from your child’s school principal, who dropped this bombshell on you. “I am so sorry to tell you that your child has just been hit by a school bus and has been rushed to PMH in a critical condition. The paramedics insist that you get to the hospital immediately”… Would you do whatever it took to get off that freeway – even if it meant nearly causing a pile-up? I know I would!

Now lets replay the stimulus but with that memory in mind. Stimulus – Guy cuts you off – but your thought is –  S#!t, that guy must have some major emergency! What are likely emotions with that thought in mind? Concern, Empathy? And with those emotions, what would your actions be? Check your speed, change lanes…?

The point is, how far away is that action from Abuse, Retribution, Violence? And that dramatic change in action came from changing the one thing we all have control over…our thoughts. Because even if we have the wrong thought initially, isn’t it our choice to rethink?

Geez – I wish I had learned that earlier in life! Better late than never?

Yours in prosperity and fun

Jeff Austin

Actual to Ideal

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