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Customer First Impressions Worth Re

Impressionable Impressions and Memorable Memories

After 2 ½ weeks holidaying in our North West I come back with memories that will likely last as long as I do. These recent memories will travel down my hippocampus and will be stored in my prefrontal cortex (yes, I looked it up!) and will be recalled upon whenever the appropriate trigger is fired.

Similarly, we all have entrenched memories of our experiences dealing with business. I’m confident that you can easily recall a particularly bad or unpleasant experience as a consumer. Equally, or perhaps with a little more effort, you can remember an exceptionally good or enjoyable one.  These good and bad experiences often start from the first point of contact and spiral upwards or downwards from there.

The key is that ‘normal’ is rarely memorable. Giving customers an OK, average, and satisfactory experience is a safe way of avoiding being filed in the bad experience brain folder, but equally you will not wind up in the folder of great experiences customers will tell others about.

And because there is so much ‘normal’ going on out there, you don’t have to go to extremes to be different and memorable. From a different greeting – e.g. “Hi, thanks for coming in. How can I help you today?” Through to sending a note and small gift a week after a purchase thanking the customer for their business. It costs very little to be different and memorable and I have proof that the payback is worth it.

And yes, I know customers can make things difficult at times. Just yesterday I received the greeting I love to hate of, “Are you right?” and being the professional smartarse I am, I responded with “No, but my doctor told me that the pills would help”. And the experience went downhill from there.


Jeff Austin

Actual to Ideal
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