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Customer Service Consistency

Good Customer Service? – It depends how you sing it

An experiment – Please sing the Eagles ‘Hotel California’ from the first verse (you may get some ‘what the…?’ looks if people are nearby). I’ll get you started… “On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair…” How far did you get before the words became a tad ‘ad-lib’? Please continue the experiment and get some of your team to sing it. How was their version? Were the words, harmony, tempo the same as yours?

So how do you think it would sound if you all got together and tried singing it at the same time with different words / harmony / tempo? Not pleasant I’m guessing. The problem is, all you had to work with was a song title – albeit a very popular song title (for anyone over 35 that is).

Here are some other very popular ‘song titles’. Customer Service – Safe work practices –Good work environment. They are all very popular (i.e. we hear them frequently) however I bet you are dealing with the gap of these songs being ‘sung’ in often very different ways by different people. And what happens when customers experience varying levels of service, or not all the team contribute to a good work environment?

A more fitting word for these ‘song titles’ is Standards. And the key to getting greater consistency in the delivery of these Standards is to provide your team with more than just the title. Instead of just telling team members (new and existing) that they need to provide ‘great customer service’, give them sufficient detail / examples / coaching etc. so they begin to understand how this song is played here. Otherwise the only reference point they will have is how they were allowed to play it at their last workplace.

Our clients are very clever – they document all their Standards and then have their teams regularly review, challenge and improve them. And when these companies sing, it truly is music to their customer’s ears…

Yours in prosperity and fun

Jeff Austin

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