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Improve Customer Phone Service

Incoming Sales Enquiries – the Greatest Mistake We Make

(part 2)

Last month, we spoke about the challenge of incoming enquiry discussions centred primarily around ‘price’. If you missed it, go here first otherwise this may make little sense!

Firstly, a caveat. There are those who no-matter-what, just want a price and nothing more, right? So let’s not create a sales strategy that suits this minority. Let’s focus on the many that are open to discussing more.

When prospects / customers call you and your competitors, one goal is to have them jot down far more relevant information next to your name on their list, than the others. But what is relevant information? Essentially, what will get them thinking beyond the price are the things that help them Meet Needs and Reduce Fears (resistances)

If you ask great questions to learn this key information, you are well positioned to offer an insight that helps prospects have one of those “Oh, I never thought of that, what do you recommend?” moments.

An example for the new car industry. If I were called with an enquiry on a price for a particular new car, I would (after the pleasantries) first ask if it were ‘OK’ to ask them a few questions. Then I would want to discover things like –

What are they currently driving? What does it no longer do well? Why are they considering the ‘X’ model? What things must it do well? After they buy it, what will be important? What are they comparing it too? And so on. If it’s not clear how you would use this valuable information to win more business, then that is perhaps for another discussion.

A final but vital note for this session – if you are going to ask good questions of these potential customers on the phone, be exceptional at listening to their answers!

Yours in prosperity and fun

Jeff Austin

Bunbury Sales Trainer

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