Why would our approach be any different?

If you were given a spoon and asked to drive a 3 inch nail into a block of hardwood, how would you go?

When you have the right tools and targeted training in using them, the job is much easier to complete.

However, providing quality tools and training certainly isn’t a point of difference. So why does the Actual to Ideal™  approach work when others don’t? Two key reasons.

  1. We work from the Bottom up – not the Top down. We focus heavily on gaining trust and buy-in from the staff. They become key drivers in your business’ improvement.
  2. The program works long after we leave. The best thing for our business is the worst for yours – dependency! We provide tools, training, structure and communication to ensure you and your team follow the cyclic 5 core steps to ensure your ongoing review and improvement
  3. OK, so there’s one more. We are not ‘suits from the city’ We are regionally based with an array of real world and formal qualifications and training. We develop trust with staff because they see that we are a lot like they are!

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Jeff Austin & Kevin (Mack) McDonald
Actual to Ideal