So How Much Does it Cost?

We don’t know yet, because we don’t know what part of the program you need…. or if you even need it at all.

We do not prescribe (tell you what you need) until we diagnose (find out what you really need). You may want help with one, some or all of the following 12 critical business drivers

  1. Leadership
  2. Staff Management
  3. Business Planning
  4. Time Management
  5. Continuous Improvement
  6. Customer Service & Retention
  7. Marketing and Advertising
  8. Information & Technology
  9. Financial Management
  10. Occ Safety & Health
  11. On Line Business
  12. Personal Health & Fitness (no point getting the others in order and being near death!)

Once we’ve determined the areas you need to achieve the results you want, we will negotiate a price based on what the program is worth to you.

If it ‘costs’ then it hasn’t worked

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Jeff Austin & Kevin (Mack) McDonald
Actual to Ideal

If you are not in need of a full business improvement process – You can get a quote here for one on one Business Coaching or Team Training