In virtually all cases, there are 5 root causes for all business gaps

  1. Structure – your processes, procedures, standards, policies, KPIs, performance management systems etc. All the rules & guidelines about your journey
  2. Resources – finances, technology, tools, equipment, staff, customers.  Everything needed to make the journey
  3. Communication – meetings, audits, reviews, surveys. The methods and frequency of information shared about the journey
  4. Competency – training to provide the skills (what to do) and knowledge (how to do). How well everyone contributes to the journey.
  5. Commitment – individual attitudes. Is everyone on your bus committed in the journey. Do they really want to be there.

The results come when you can recognise which root cause/s are the culprit, then apply the right intervention to fix it – for good!

When you apply the wrong fix to a known problem, you will most likely make the gap bigger. An example of this is when business sends staff who have low motivation on a training course! Or when managers question staff productivity and commitment when there are gaps in their structures (E.G. poor job descriptions)

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Jeff Austin & Kevin (Mack) McDonald
Actual to Ideal