Our expertise – Why A to I?

We are Jeff Austin & Kevin McDonald – the founders, owners and lead consultants of Actual to Ideal, a business improvement consultancy based in Bunbury WA that has been successfully operating since 2003.

We focus on and specialise in developing a whole-of-business Culture of Continuous Improvement broadly delivered through Effective Processes and Engaged People. One of our past clients, when explaining what we do, coined the term… “They get people and process to like each other!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

We work exclusively in the SME sector of 10 – 100 employees using our array of formal and real world qualifications & experience in…

  • HR Recruiting
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Engagement & Development
  • Continuous Improvement & Lean Practices
  • HR Communication & Conflict Management
  • Sales and Customer Retention
  • Business Standards Development & Attainment
  • Dynamic Budgeting, Reporting, Real Time Forecasting & Cash Flow Management
  • P&L and Balance Sheet Analysis for Non-Accountants

We have managed, owned, developed and sold small businesses over a 20 – 30 year span, and along the way, learned volumes about the frequent pitfalls, misunderstandings, myths and heartache that business owners/operators face in common. Essentially – we made a ton of mistakes and learned much from that painful experience!

The Actual to Ideal Business Improvement Program –

It’s a new way to take a familiar journey

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Hi Jeff

I just wanted to say a big thanks for your work on Saturday and what you have done for our company since coming on board the Lomax Express!

If we were to get as good a return on our other investments like we have from you and your business, we would be sitting very pretty at the moment.

Looking forward to continuing working with you as we head to 2015!


Dean Lomax

Director – Lomax Media