Business Coaching in Bunbury and the South West

that’s not grand rhetoric and magic tricks

A business coach can’t be and doesn’t need to be a guru in every industry

You are the expert in your field and you don’t need someone to tell you to suck eggs… right?!

However a business coach should be a specialist in business fundamentals. You know the ones. The aspects of business that will determine your business success far beyond the quality of your products and the level of your expertise. Thinks like…

  • The quality and the cohesion of the team you recruit
  • The level of service consistency your team provides to your customers
  • The ways in which you attract and retain the right types of customers
  • The attention given to driving Gross Profit (rather than exclusively turn-over)
  • The systems and structures put in place to ensure that as you grow, gaps are managed, closed and the results shared
  • The strength in your Brand, what it stands for and how everyone understands their role in delivering on the promises it makes
  • How you utilise your least abundant asset – TIME – to maximise each day and minimise chaos and stress
  • Ensuring that you have not just bought your self a job with overheads and you enjoy what you do
  • Benefiting from being a business owner (insert entrepreneur) so you create the work / life balance you deserve
  • Appreciation and a deep understanding of these principles comes best when a person has spent years (even decades) owning and / or operating an array of business. It’s commonly known as the Great School of Hard Knocks.  You want a business coach who has not just sat in class rooms or had their head in a book. You benefit most when your coach has experienced the bear traps and the pots of gold first hand. Someone who has made painful and costly mistakes – and learned volumes from the experiences.

    Put simply, you need more real world experience (and less flashy suit and smarmy smile!)

    A business coach ought to

  • Ask great questions – that is diagnose fully before trying to treat an ailment you may not have
  • Listen and understand deeply – that is be driven by what you want to achieve and not by the set formula that worked for the last guy
  • Talk on your level – that is speak in terms you understand and if you don’t, take time and have the patience to ensure you do
  • Be highly conscious of your current resources and constraints – that is don’t labour you with process, tasks and time frames that are designed exclusively for corporations with a manager in every corner office
  • Be reliable and trustworthy – that is they do what they say they will do, every time.
  • Be in touch outside of scheduled meetings – that is follow up on your progress, help as needed and not send you a bill every time they open their mouth!
  • You and your business coach need to ‘fit’ and there is one sure way to find out if Jeff Austin Business Coach is the right fit for you. Give him 30 minutes of your time in return for 30 of his and have that first chat.

    Both you and Jeff will know pretty quickly whether or not you should go further. Go here to get in touch today