Jeff Austin is a Bunbury Western Australia based – Business Coach, Team Trainer and Professional Guest Speaker.

In addition to his ongoing development, Jeff draws on 15 years experience as a business manager where he learnt his biggest lessons by “spending at least 7 of those 15 years operating business terribly”. (Don’t be too concerned; he got much better at it!)


Over those 15 years, Jeff managed and operated businesses in industries ranging from hospitality and media to bulk wholesaling and retail

“For many of those years, we hired poorly, staff training was ad-hoc at best, we worked ridiculous hours and made average incomes. For years I thought that was what operating business amounted to”.

Like many others, Jeff hit threshold and decided to get wise. He read business books, undertook studies, went to seminars, got a mentor and kept practicing and before long the results started to speak for themselves.

It was these new results over the ensuing years that encouraged him to start his own training and coaching company in 2002 with the vision to help business owners avoid the decade of pain he had endured.

Hi Jeff

I just wanted to say a big thanks for your work on Saturday and what you have done for our company since coming on board the Lomax Express!

If we were to get as good a return on our other investments like we have from you and your business, we would be sitting very pretty at the moment.

Looking forward to continuing working with you as we head to 2015!


Dean Lomax

Director – Lomax Media

Jeff’s approach is aligned with the proverb of an ancient Chinese General who said –

“If you do what you usually do – you will get what you usually get”

In other words; if you want a different result – you’ll need to do something different!

Jeff’s specialises in assisting business and individuals with:

  • Customer centred sales training and development
  • Improved human resource management
  • Creation & implementation of policies, procedures and best practice standards
  • Management and sales team profiling and recruitment
  • Smarter marketing practices and results
  • Business and Executive coaching

If you are less than delighted with the life your business brings, Jeff may be able to help. If you’re up for an initial ‘no charge – no grand promises’ chat and a few tough questions, call him today to tee up a time.