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Get more sales and protect your margins

Incoming Sales Enquiries – the greatest mistake we make

(part 1)

As business owners, you work hard to encourage people to call about your products or services. There’s past sales efforts, advertising, networking, branding, product research, training, and more. Given the effort behind getting them to call, are you or your team making a crucial mistake when they do? See if you can spot it here.

Ring ring – “Thank you for calling ABC company. This is Sam”

Hi Sam. Do you have any 35 mm widgets in beige?

“I’ll just check for you” typing typing “Yes, we have 4 in stock”

“Excellent. Can you give me a price please?”

“Certainly. They are $110 each”

“Thank you for that”

“You’re welcome. Bye”

Ok. Those paying attention may have spotted half a dozen errors – but let’s focus on the biggie. Consider the person making the call. What are they likely to have in front of them? A pen, notepad, phonebook or online directory? And what are they doing? Ringing your competitors and writing down what?       PRICES!!

And if price is all they discuss with each supplier, what will they inevitably make their decision based on? Correct! No matter how lovely you sound on the phone, if the crux of the discussion is ‘price’, you will rarely win their attention and their business if another supplier is cheaper. Disagree? When you ring for prices, isn’t that what you are looking for? The cheapest one?

The solution to this mistake is simple. Be different! And there are many ways to standout to a caller, to engage them, build rapport, increase awareness and above all else, get more sales without having to offer the lowest number on their notepad.

Yes. It is around the area of diagnosis (asking great questions), but there is a bit more to consider, so next month will be dedicated to How to increase incoming sales success – and keep your full margin!

Yours in prosperity and fun

Jeff Austin
Bunbury Business Coach

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