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Better Business Relationships in Bunbury

Build a bridge and build a strong & trusted business relationship!

A simple social experiment. Drop in on your closest friend and ask if they would lend you $100. Their response would likely be one of concern and perhaps even to question if $100 would be enough? Now approach a stranger on the street and ask them for the same…! Their response would be entertaining at the least!

Now try it with a business bent. Call your most loyal and happy client/customer. Ask them if they would have 30 minutes for you to discuss your new product range. Then cold-call an unknown proprietor and do the same…

Obviously, the disparity in responses will be directly linked to the disparity in the relationships you hold between those you have relationships with and those you don’t.. Here’s a clear analogy.

A Relationship is much like a bridge between 2 islands.

Consider this bridge. How long would it take to build? How much load would it hold before it collapsed? Asking a stranger for time or money is like trying to drive a bulldozer over this bridge.

Alternatively, consider this example of bridge building mastery. It would certainly take 10 times longer to build, however it would easily hold whatever you asked of it.

The point?

Time and money are the 2 things that we are most reluctant to part with. If you are trying to build business by contacting prospects, (top marks for doing so) and you are asking these prospects for their time or money; first consider ‘how strong is the bridge?’

It’s almost a science (I said almost) in that you can measure the amount of resistance you get from a prospect directly back to how much you are asking of them. If you think that spending 2 minutes in idle chat will build the kind of bridge that will hold up under a ‘time or money’ load, then you best put on your hardhat!

Yours in prosperity and fun

Jeff Austin
Business Coach, Bunbury WA

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