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A Time Management story in Bunbury

Too busy chopping trees

At 7 am on a cool but sunny morning two wood choppers (let’s call them Bill & Bob) enter a small forest to begin work. They start chopping trees at opposite ends of the woods, approximately 100 meters apart. At around 10 am, Bill looks over at Bob and sees that not only had Bob chopped a little more wood, he was sitting down with his back against a tree seemingly taking a rest.

Bill filled with renewed determination, got immediately back to chopping trees. At about 1 o’clock, he again sees Bob sitting down but this time his wood pile was considerably higher. This goes on all day until 5 PM when an exhausted and cheesed off Bill confronts Bob. “What the heck is going on?” Bill exclaimed. “How come you have so much wood chopped? I’ve been busting my hump all day and every time I turned around I see you sitting on your tail slacking off!”

A noticeably relaxed and fresh Bob looks at Bill and says “When you saw me sitting down, I wasn’t slacking off. About every 3 hours I stopped chopping trees so I could sharpen my axe”

The purpose of the story? If you have ever caught yourself saying “I haven’t got time to – attend a training course – read a business article – contact inactive clients – visit current clients – meet with staff – fix debtor problems – carry out maintenance – spend time with the family”, consider what you are really saying is “I haven’t got time to sharpen my axe. I’m far too busy chopping trees”

Don’t you love irony?

Yours in prosperity and fun

Jeff Austin
Business Coach, Bunbury WA

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