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7 essentials for getting the right people on the bus

Now here’s a big topic shoehorned into one column – Hiring and developing the right people. The single most important management function…Period!

Yes, even above customer service delivery– because if you have a team of people working with you, who’s behind most of the service delivery?

Being a zealot when it comes to recruiting takes time and effort, however compared to the pain caused by doing it haphazardly; it’s a no-brainer.

Here is a summary of 7 essentials when recruiting. Drop us a note for more in-depth information.

  1. Place a large, ‘sexy’ (aka different) empowering & challenging ad. Invest what is needed to stand out. Have applicants telephone to initially apply.
  2. Conduct brief initial interviews over the phone to save time (yours and theirs). Be confident that applicants meet your ‘must have’ criteria, so you can determine who the actual candidates are.
  3. Ask for CVs only from candidates (not applicants) and ensure they provide a detailed work history including 3 or more referees
  4. Contact at least 2 listed referees and one who is not listed, but is part of the work history (ask candidate for permission). Ask the referees great discovery questions. Their answers will help you build valuable interview questions
  5. Conduct a thorough first interview to unearth candidate attributes. The candidate can learn about you if they proceed to a second interview. For important sales or service roles, also consider psychometric profiling.
  6. Invite only the top 2 candidates back for a second discussion; this time for them to interview you and key staff
  7. Provide the top candidate with a highly detailed pre employment information pack before you allow them to accept any job offer you make

If you don’t have a detailed (and documented) recruiting process that’s followed every time you hire, can I encourage you to put it high on your 2011 commitment list.

Whether in Bunbury, WA or across the nation, hiring the right people may at times seem like a fairytale; but it is absolutely achievable and of course, immensely rewarding.

Yours in prosperity and fun in 2011

Jeff Austin

Actual to Ideal

Bunbury Business Coach