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Better Communication Drives Better Sales

Body language can speak louder than English Language in Sales

Because you are reading this article, I’m assuming you speak and understand English – and perchance you will be adroit in articulating a treatise with virtuosity (what?) – maybe you can talk and read good!

But no matter how well you can string words together, the true impact of the message comes not from the words you use, but from these 2 other factors

  1. Voice quality
  2. Body language

And before I steal his thunder, here are the fundamental findings of Albert Mehrabian’s famous communication study. When it comes to the effectiveness and interpretation of spoken messages, the breakdown of the 3 communication elements are

  1. The actual words we say                                7%
  2. The voice tone & quality while saying it          38%
  3. What our body is saying while saying it          55%

Try these examples. For a voice quality test, say the line ‘I didn’t say she stole the money and repeat it 5 times, each time emphasising only one of the underlined words. Does it take on a different context each time? For a test on the impact of body language, say to a member of staff ‘I think you’ve done a great job’ and roll your eyes while saying it… Positive words that would instantly smack of insincerity.

Many business operators will coach their teams on what to say to customers (important), but the right message delivered ineffectively or with unintended meaning, will render the message somewhere between uninspiring through to inflammatory!

Whether you are in retail sales, Business to Business sales, or Business to consumer Sales, by focusing on what your body is saying and the quality of the voice you use, you’ll spend less time worrying about what to say, with more attention to the message being interpreted as ‘Warm – Welcoming –  Interested – Helpful – Passionate etc.

Furthermore, this means you don’t need a Doctorate in Wordology to be an effective communicator.

Yours in prosperity and fun

Jeff Austin

Bunbury Business Coach