Welcome to Jeff Austin’s

business development


Owners of Small to Medium business in the

South West of Western Australia and

across the Nation have partnered

with Jeff for a variety

of reasons

Jeff’s helped people who
wanted to be re-
energised in
Who is Jeff Austin?
Some had been doing what they
are doing for so long,
they had become
lost in the

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He’s helped managers develop
quality Leadership

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Some needed help to sort out
staff or management

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Often they simply needed
help understanding
people’s very different

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Frequently he helped to bring teams
together to empower them
to communicate

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And this helped to build quality business
relationships with colleagues,
co-workers and

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The one thing that virtually all who have
worked with Jeff agree upon –
– it helps to have a
fresh and clear

Whatever the reason you’ve dropped by, we
hope you find what you are looking
for and we look forward
to the chance
to partner
with you

Why choose Jeff Austin as your Business Coach?

“If you do what you usually do, you’ll get what you usually get.”

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